Vodka is neutral and versatile, but what appears to be a simple spirit is actually quite complex.

The base of all vodka is typically a grain (for example, Yacht Life Vodka is wheat based) or potato, and while every distillery offers their own take, they all proof the spirit with water, creating a more “pure” liquor compared to other alcoholic beverages.

Yacht Life Vodka is distilled 16 times or more before being filtered to ensure that it maintains a creamy texture with a refined and sophisticated taste.

A high quality vodka will have a pleasing mouth feel with a bit of personality minus a strong taste or “burn” often associated with lower end vodkas.

The smoothness of Yacht Life Vodka makes it perfect for sipping. If you prefer a cooler cocktail we recommend chilling your vodka to a temperature between 53-57 degrees fahrenheit, though others may enjoy their spirit at a more moderate temperature over ice. It is truly a personal preference.

With a prestige vodka like YLV you can swirl the spirit like you would a wine to release the aromas and savor the feeling on your tongue, appreciating the nuances of taste. Add citrus like lemon, lime or orange to bring out a brightness of flavor, cucumber and mint for crispness or herbs like basil to bring out the earthier notes.

Once you find a vodka you truly enjoy, then begin to explore further with combinations of tonic or soda, juices or other mixers to create some classic cocktails, or create your own flavors! Almost all drinks come down to the ratio of 2:1:1 – two parts spirit, one part sweet and one part bitter/sour. This ratio makes an incredible cocktail every time. Experiment and give it a try!

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