Elevate your drinking experience with Yacht Life Vodka, a lifestyle in a bottle. Escape to luxurious indulgences as you imagine lounging on a yacht in Saint Barth, Saint Tropez or any equally exotic port of call, overlooking exotic seas or on expedition to faraway lands and awakening to new breathtaking sites each day.

A Taste of the Good Life

Legacy and tradition

combined with

modern taste

What we’re

Made of…

Yacht Life Vodka is made of only two pure ingredients – water and the finest American wheat, each harvest of grain carefully inspected before being distilled in a pure copper still a minimum of 17 times, then filtered to further remove impurities, proving simplicity is a keystone of luxury.

Yacht Life Vodka bottle

Designed with a seafaring consumer in mind, Yacht Life Vodka’s bespoke bottle is square to provide little to no air space when storing and stocking aboard a yacht, while the modern bottle art makes it an alluring addition to any premium spirits bar or personal collection.

A new world

Enter into the exclusive world of yachting with an interactive QR element on each Yacht Life Vodka bottle that will bring to life the yachting lifestyle with photos and videos, recipes straight from the galley, playlists of music from yachting destinations around the world, and resources for yacht owners and luxury lifestyle enthusiasts.

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From the Galley – The Versatility of Vodka in Food

Making a mixed cocktail to pair with a meal is a beautiful thing, but vodka used in the recipes for your food can also create some incredible results. It can keep meat tender, bring out the flavors in a dish, and even make sauces creamier and pastries flakier. Below...

Seas The day – sailing inspired cocktails

Sailing and cocktails are a match made in heaven. The salty sea air and the sun and the sails up above create a perfect environment to enjoy a refreshing drink. Sailing inspired cocktails are all about capturing the essence of the ocean and the adventure of hitting...

Masterful Golf Inspired Vodka Cocktails

From the blue to the green, Yacht Life Vodka is for EVERY occasion and this week all eyes are focused on the best of the best in the world of golf. The 2023 Masters Tournament is the first major tournament of the year and the 87th edition in 2023, scheduled to be...

Class Up Your Cocktail Consumption with Luxury Bar Accessories

"Yacht life is a state of mind". Whether you’re entertaining indoors or outdoors, on the water or on land, now is the time to update your private bar and start the season with inspired items that add prestige, class and convenience to your cocktail consumption. Here...

The Vodka Margarita

Imagine a day out on the water - boating, fishing, jet skiing, sun bathing, enjoying the sun and the fresh air. When you think about drinking an ice-cold cocktail - doesn’t a margarita sound refreshing? Traditional with a twist is our motto and a Vodka Margarita is...

Latest News

Tips for Making the Best Frozen Cocktails

Tips for Making the Best Frozen Cocktails

It’s summer and whether you’re cruising on your superyacht to the Caribbean, sunbathing on the patio or firing up the grill, a refreshing frozen drink will help you beat the heat! As we never settle for less than the best, here are some tips to help you create the...

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Vodka Cocktails to Make for the Kentucky Derby

Vodka Cocktails to Make for the Kentucky Derby

Horses, racing, drinks, hats - The Kentucky Derby is coming! What has been called “the most exciting two minutes in sports”, is actually a time-honored tradition dating back to 1875, and since 1938 the Mint Julep, made with bourbon, mint and simple syrup, has been a...

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5 Grammy Inspired Vodka Cocktails

5 Grammy Inspired Vodka Cocktails

There is no bigger night in the world of music than the Grammys, and whether you’re celebrating the evening with a cocktail party among friends or you’re crafting a cocktail to cheer on your favorite musicians from your sofa, we’ve provided 5 perfect drinks to match...

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Yacht Life Vodka Warms Up The Winter

Yacht Life Vodka Warms Up The Winter

When the weather gets cold, the jet set gets moving, often to yachting hot spots like the Caribbean and of course our Yacht Life hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but even Florida is hitting cooler temperatures this year! If you can’t escape the cold, have no...

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