The Yachtini

Our story…

Imagine sitting at a bar on a rooftop in St Barts overlooking a marina filled with superyachts. As you swivel on your bar stool, you take in the sights. The yacht captain toasting his crew for another job well done. A yacht owner emerging onto the sundeck with a martini in hand to watch the waterways and catch the sunset. A seasoned couple at the bar toasting their anniversary, enjoying a milestone occasion with classic martinis and a group of chic partygoers beginning the evening with trendy cocktails and shots before hitting the clubs. The one thing they all have in common? They’re drinking Yacht Life Vodka. You turn to the bartender and say, “I’ll have a Yachtini please”, and you think to yourself – THIS is a taste of the good life…
Where it all


As all good things do, Yacht Life Vodka began with a drawing and a dream.

A yacht designer by trade, Yacht Life’s creator sat down one day and began to sketch, but this time the sketch was not for a luxurious salon or a divine sundeck…

This sketch was of a bottle that would fit seamlessly on a fine dining table, while still standing out on a bar or among other spirits – and of course it had a square shape, not round, for optimal storage on a yacht.

The dream was to distill a vodka that would sit among the finest in the world, a prestige level, high end spirit so sophisticated and elegant that the discerning patrons of the yachting world would desire it.

This is the conception of Yacht Life Vodka. Now the journey is up to you.

Made of…

Yacht Life Vodka is made of only two pure ingredients – water and the finest American wheat, each harvest of grain carefully inspected before being distilled in a pure copper still a minimum of 17 times, then filtered to further remove impurities, proving simplicity is a keystone of luxury.